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Internet Marketing

1. What makes marketing on the Internet different from other forms of direct marketing media? The Internet is an interactive marketing medium for direct marketers offering information access and two-way communication with customers in real time via the computer. Interactivity is what makes marketing on the Internet different from other forms of direct marketing media. 2. What are some advantages of interactive media? i) Wide reach-The internet reaches a worldwide audience of millions of consumers and enables small companies and entrepreneurs to be transformed into global entities instantaneously. i) Convenience-The Internet is almost like a global trade show that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and any time of the day or night. iii) Low cost- Direct marketers pay for the Internet based on local phone access, not on how widely they distribute their message. iv) Flexibility- he Internet offers great flexibility and permits changes in offers and direct response communications ins tantly, instead of waiting until the next printed catalog is published to change prices or other features. 3. Explain the evolution of e-business. Stage 1:Brochureware- In this stage, organizations began to use the Internet as a bulletin board for brochures, employee telephone directories, and over time for more critical documents such as catalogs and price lists. Stage 2:Customer Interactivity-This next phase is when companies created an interactive dialogue with their customers, encouraging them to inquire, request, register, and online. Stage 3:Transaction Enabler- In this stage, companies began using the Internet to expand transaction. selling products, procuring supplies , enabling internal processes) Stage 4:One-to-one Relationships- This is when the Internet began to be used to create customized silors of interactivity. Because web technology allows companies to deal with customers on a one-to-one basis, product pricing became fluid, dictated by individual customers, often in an auction process. Stage 5:Real-Time organizations-Zero latency organizations are able to plan, execute, a nd aggregate buyers and sellers in a virtual arena. These companies understand customer needs and deliver value in real-time. Stage 6: Communities of Interests( COINS)- The Internet helps companies create communities of common interests that closely link various partners in a value chain. Example, eBay where consumers who possess common needs or interests can competitively bid on a given product. 4. What are the requirements of interactive media? i) Consumers must be able to control when they view the products and which types of products they are viewing. i) Consumers must be able to control the pace at which they review products. iii) Consumers must able to place an order or request additional information directly via the medium rather than having to order through another method. 5. How has technology changed marketing research? Technology has made marketing information readily available, easy to access, current and relevant marketing activity. Much of the information available online, such as government reports, is free of charge, w hich enables marketers of any size to access and obtain this valuable market data. The main cost involved in conducting online market research is the human resource costs, because it requires manpower to surf the Web and identify and download relevant information. 6. What are four of the many strategies to maximize â€Å"click-through† rates? i) Ask for the click-through action- The easiest way to increase click-through is to simply ask for it. ii) Animate a banner advertisement- Animation increase the likelihood that the advertisement will draw the user’s attention and also generates more clicks than static banners, all else being equal. ii) Involve the audience- Engage the viewers to allow them to personalize advertising to their needs. Involving the viewer allows the advertiser to get to know them better, one of the primary goals of direct marketing. iv) Change creative messages frequently- The nature of the Internet means that responses occur quickly, on the first few impressions. 7. Discuss some of the strategies companies use to increase Web site traffic. i) Ask and you shall receive. Ask visitors to bookmark the web site. i) Offer a chat room or provide a bulletin board to open communication among consumers and give them a reason to come back. iii) Create an e-business card that accompanies each e-mail message. Be sure to include the URL in hyperlink format. 8. Identify and explain the three different types of search engine marketing. i) paid placement- Sometimes referred to as † pay-per-click† (PPC) or â€Å"cost-per-click† (CPC) paid placement advertising uses text ads targeted to keyword search results on search engines through programs such as Google AdWords and Yahoo. i) paid inclusion- paid inclusion entails the practice of paying a fee to search engine and similar types of sites such as directories or shopping comparison sites, so that a given web site or web pages may be included in the service's directory, although not necessaril y in exchange for a particular position in search engine listings. iii) Organic search engine optimization- This form of optimization includes the use of a variety of techniques to improve how well a site or page gets listed in search engines for particular search topics. 9. Name some of the characteristics that make a blog an effective tool for marketers. Provide an example of a blog that you think is especially creative. Characteristics that make a blog an effective tool for marketers i) Keep It Simple-Don't get caught up in the length of your posts. They don't have to be long. They can be random thoughts or tidbits of news regarding your industry. The key is to make them interesting. ii) Fast-loading pages: A page should load in 20 seconds or less via dial-up; at more than that, you'll lose more than half of your potential visitors. ii) Quality photography: A simple way to increase visual appeal is to use high quality photography. High quality product images are especially important for online retailers. An example, Twitter is the fastest growing network with more than a 40% increase in active users over the last 9 months , Facebook continues to grow with more than a 37% increase in active users from 2012 to 2013 and Google is not far behind in growth with 35% growth in 9 months. 10. What are some positive and negative characteristics of mobile marketing? Positive characteristics of mobile marketing : ) Personalization: Marketers can personalize text messages based on the consumers’ local time, location, and preferences e. g. , directions to the nearest vegetarian restaurant open at the time of request. ii) Location: Mobile phones amplify two key arguments for electronic commerce, location independence and ubiquity. Consumers increasingly expect tailored and location-based services, thereby underlining the importance of personalized mobile marketing. Negative characteristics of mobile marketing: i) Mobile is hot. Mobile’s high penetration and usage means there’s a lot of clutter and competition. Internet Marketing The effectiveness of social media advertising by means of using Facebook by Practical 2 presented to the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Partial fulfilment of the requirements for the subject of Advertising and Sale Promotions of the National Diploma: Marketing in the Faculty of Business at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology Lecturer: Campus: Cape Town Due date: Declaration I, Tom Brown (210000007), declare that the contents of this assignment represent my own unaided work, and that the assignment has not previously been submitted for academic examination towards any qualification.Furthermore, it represents my own opinions and not necessarily those of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. SignedDate Table of Contents Declarationii 1. Social media advertising effectiveness†¦ (full title)1 1. 1Internet usage in SA 1 1. 2Social media 1 1. 3Instant messaging (social networks for Facebook) 1 1. 4Facebook 1 1. 5Advertising/marketing communications on Faceboo k 1 1. 6Current research on Facebook 1 1. 7Generation Z 1 1. 8Hierarchy response models 1 Reference list2 Appendices Appendix A: Safe Assign report 3Appendix B: Integrating multimedia semantic content analysis of MXit 4 Appendix C: The talk uploaded: MXit and the technicity of the body 5 Appendix D: Fat stigmatization on MXit: A content analysis 6 Appendix E: Flaming on MXit 7 Appendix F: MXit, Critical Pedagogy, and Media Activism 8 Appendix G: MXit as a source of information 9 Appendix H: MXit: an opportunity for consumer narrative analysis 10 Appendix: I: Advertising Effectiveness and marketing Potential on MXit 11 Appendix J: Predicting the Determinants of Users’ Intentions for using MXit 12 Appendix K: Social Interaction with MXit 13 1.The effectiveness of social media advertising by means of using Facebook 1. 1Internet usage in SA A resent study has shown 6. 8% (6,800,000 people) of South Africans have access to the internet and 4,822,820 are Facebook users. ( www. inte rnetworldstats. com ). 39% of urban South Africans are using their mobile phones to access the internet. That is 20 million South Africans aged 16 and older. (Anonymous, 2011). 1. 2Social media Social media (also known as social networking) is the share of information and resources as a result in the communication by people, made possible by different online technology tools.This can be done by means of text, online video, blogs, images, podcasts, and other multimedia communication. (Doyle, n/d ) 1. 3Instant messaging (social networks for Facebook) Instant messaging is a feature of facebook that allows you to send or share information with your Facebook friends. The feature can be used at any time to communicate with other people on facebook. There is a bar on the right bottom corner of the screen where one can choose with whom one wants to connect and communicate with. (Reiss, 2010) 1. 4Facebook Facebook is the most popular Social network website on a global scale (www. cmag. com) and second most popular social media website in South Africa (The Mobility 2011 research project). Facebook is a free site that makes most of it’s revenue by means of advertising. The site was first used as a means for Harvard students to get acquainted , but in 2006 the sit became available to everyone who wanted to join. The site has over 500 million users. (http://www. pcmag. com) 1. 5Advertising/marketing communications on Facebook Facebook has a number of advantages and disadvantages to use for your business.Some of the focus Facebook can provide is on branding, customer engagement, reputation management, new customer acquisition, client retention, to drive web traffic to your website, the viral effect, a feedback mechanism, brand repositioning. (Jody, n/d) Because Facebook makes marketing fast and easy, it means that the company should keep up with marketing trends. â€Å"It can also act like a media to leverage your brand and get more authority so users can trust you. † ( Anderson, n/d) 1. 6Current research on Facebook Companies or everyday users can collect data from facebook pages that they have created, through means of Facebook polls.The polls are a graphical illustration of the people who visit your page. It illustrates active page visits and users, showing their age, gender, geographic location, giving one the ability to strategically improve ones marketing mix and to identify the target audience. (facebook. com, n/d) 1. 7Generation Y In a resent study showed that the majority of the generation Y, in South Africa, prefer Facebook over other social media mediums. As a result Google lost a 50% of their market share to facebook, due to user choosing Facebook as a search engine over Google.Mxit is still more popular than Facebook, but lack the loyalty Facebook users. The study shows people spend five times more hours on Facebook than on Mxit. Further studies have shown that generation Y, when given a choice, will choose the Internet over magazines, cell phones over using the Internet and tertiary education over using their cell phones. (Saunders, n/d) 8. Hierarchy response models REFERENCE LIST Doyle, A. n. d. cial Media-Socia Media Definition. http://jobsearch. about. com/od/networking/g/socialmedia. htm [1April 2011]. Fakhar, K. 2009.Benefits of Marketing Through MXit. http://webupon. com/marketing/benefits-of-marketing-through-MXit/#ixzz1I4mh0DZG [30 March 2011]. Haridakis, P. & Hanson, G. 2009. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media. Social Interaction and Co-Viewing with MXit: 317-318, March 30. Laco, A. 2010. History of MXit. http://www. articlealley. com/article_1482289_81. html? ktrack=kcplink [30 March 2011]. Smith, D. 2010. Five million now online as web access grows in South Africa. http://www. guardian. co. uk/world/2010/jan/14/internet-five-million-south-africa [1April 2011]. Verna, P. 010. Pros and Cons for MXit’s Business in 2010. http://www. emarketer. com/blog/index. php/pros-cons-MXit-b usiness-2010/ [31 March 2011]. Ward, S. n. d. Social Media Definition. http://sbinfocanada. about. com/od/socialmedia/g/socialmedia. htm [30 March 2011]. Zawarski, Z. 2010. Happy 5th Birthday MXit. http://www. zadling. com/2010/05/happy-5th-birthday-MXit/ [31 March]. Appendix A: SafeAssign Report Appendix B: Integrating multimedia semantic content analysis of MXit Only attached the first page! Appendix C: The talk uploaded: MXit and the technicity of the body, etc, etc†¦

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Studying Abroad-a Luxury or a Necessity - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 523 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2017/09/13 Category Advertising Essay Did you like this example? Studying abroad-a luxury or a necessity Study in UK for free! Get world class education in Australia and get a guaranteed job! Aren’t the newspapers and education magazines that we read today screaming about various courses being offered by foreign universities? Well, is studying abroad a luxury or a necessity? Good evening to one and all present here. This is the topic we are going to dwell on today. Nowadays majority of us have a dream of studying abroad. It is considered a shame to be studying in a local degree college; everyone expects admission in top universities of the country or a renowned foreign university. Yes, studying abroad has many pros but there are many cons as well. Studying abroad is an attractive option as it provides opportunity to get a degree from the top ranking universities of the world besides providing global exposure to a student. Courses offered may be courses not available in your country. The student also gains better understanding of the world along with development in personality. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Studying Abroad-a Luxury or a Necessity" essay for you Create order Abroad studies act as a catalyst for increased maturity and enable the student to tolerate ambiguity as it makes the student more self-reliant. He gains confidence and learns to deal with people very different from him. But at the same time adapting to the culture of foreign nations is an uphill task. Other advantages quoted for abroad studies are developing foreign language skills, increase marketability, be a more valuable employee and work internationally. But, Studying abroad is also an expensive issue. Foreign universities charge a very high fee from the students though they provide quality education. Also living in a foreign country is exceedingly costly. Studying abroad can also be hard as you are exposed a brand new curriculum and a different way of teaching. A large number of students find themselves unable to adapt to the living conditions in foreign countries and come back to their native countries. Studying abroad may lead to homesickness and detachment from family and friends. The single most important disadvantage that comes to mind is the drain on economy of our country and the â€Å"Brain drain† that it leads to when a student goes out of his country to study. However this seems to be negated by the larger goal of study abroad programs which is to train future global leaders to be more effective, respectful of other cultures and political and economic systems, and willing to take a stand for the world’s welfare, not just what benefits a specific country. The major reason for studying abroad being a necessity is that though there are many good institutions for higher studies in the country, quality education is available to a very limited number of students. Thus abroad studies has many pluses and equal number of minuses. It is a luxury as well as a necessity- Luxurious because of high standards of education along with courses of one’s choice and necessity because of paucity of standard education in the country and provide skills essential but unavailable in the country. Hence my stand on this issue is that studying abroad is a luxurious necessity.

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Sals Enlightenment in Mexico in Jack Kerouacs, On the Road

In A Mexico Fellaheen from Lonesome Traveler, Jack Kerouac describes crossing the border between America and Mexico: Its a great feeling of entering the Pure Land, especially because its so close to dry faced Arizona and Texas and all over the Southwest B but you can find it, this feeling, this fellaheen feeling about life, that timeless gayety of people not involved in great cultural and civilization issues (22). Mexico is at once close to America and yet distinct from it, a Pure Land removed from the fallout of Spenglers crumbling Western civilization. By acknowledging its primitive innocence, Kerouac calls attention to the difference between the ideal of freedom and pastoral harmony represented by Mexico and the reality of†¦show more content†¦In Mexico, the hot climate, the drugs, and the fiery fever Sal contracts allow him to attain a measure of spirituality by purifying or essentially burning away what blurs his vision. He becomes able to see with a clarity of percepti on that evokes Emerson in its spirituality: all egotism vanishes. I become a transparent eye-ball. I am nothing. I see all. The currents of the Universal Being circulate through me; I am part or particle of God (1075). Sals recovered ability to see all purely, transparently, allows him to understand and accept the contradictions and complexity that he finds in Mexico, and subsequently, he is able to understand and accept what he calls the impossible complexity (303) of Deans life. Once he can accept Dean with all his faults as a new kind of American saint (39), he is in a better position to understand America itself and to accept the complexity of the countrys postwar condition with its nuclear and communist paranoia, and its rampant consumerism. The novel seems to suggest that, if individuals could be made aware of their own spirituality, and accept complexity as a condition of modern culture, contemporary America could recover some of the timeless gayety that Kerouac refers to in Mexico Fellaheen. By an Emersonian act of self-reliance, people could better understand and accept the world as it is if they could better understand themselves. As Sal describes the steps that lead to his ownShow MoreRelatedEssay on Jack Kerouacs On the Road and Allen Ginsbergs Howl3843 Words   |  16 PagesJack Kerouacs On the Road and Allen Ginsbergs Howl Works Cited It was a 1951 TIME cover story, which dubbed the Beats a ‘Silent Generation, ’ that led to Allen Ginsberg’s retort in his poem ‘America,’ in which he vocalises a frustration at this loss of self- importance. The fifties Beat Generation, notably through Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and Allen Ginsberg’s Howl#61482; as will here be discussed, fought to revitalise individuality and revolutionise their censored society which seemed to

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Disease Trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services Essay

Disease trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services Dana Riddle HCA/240 April 20, 2013 Brian Eigelbach University of Phoenix Disease trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services The current age composition of the United States population according to the 2010 Census was 308.7 million people on April 1, 2010. There is an increase of 9.7 % since 2000. The data shows that the male population grew 9.9%, which is more rapidly than the female population, which was 9.5%. Out of 308.7 million people, 151.8 were male and 157 million were female. People under the age of 18 were 112.8; people of age 45-64 were 81.5 million. The 40.3 million people of the 308.7 were age 65 and over (Howden, Meyer, 2011). According to University of Phoenix†¦show more content†¦High cholesterol causes build up called atherosclerosis and this narrows ones heart arteries which causes heart attack, angina, or even sudden death. Hypertension can harden and thicken ones arteries. This makes the vessels that blood travels through narrow, therefore not enough blood flows through the heart to the rest of the organs in the body. Dia betes and obesity can also contribute to heart disease and you must learn how to control your weight and blood glucose (Heart Disease, 2011). When the blood supply to you brain decreases and oxygen is not delivered it could cause a Stroke. The brain cells die within minutes if oxygen is not delivered to the brain tissue. If you a suffering a stroke you should seek immediate medical attention. Immediate treatment is critical because it can lessen brain damage and possible problems. In order to avoid having stroke you have to control your cholesterol, blood pressure, and smoking. Strokes can be prevented and treated. (Stroke, 2011). If you start taking care of yourself early in life health complications related to aging can be reduced. Two examples for reducing health complications related to aging are, stop smoking and lose excess weight. You can prevent heart disease, depression, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, type 2 diabetes, other kinds of cancer and osteoarthritis by losi ng excess weight (Obesity, 2011). When you stopShow MoreRelatedDisease Trends And The Delivery Of Health Care Services1703 Words   |  7 Pages Disease Trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services Brittany Bigger HCA/240 11/30/2014 Disease Trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services In the health care field, there are many different findings and discoveries happening each day. While population in the world increases, there are more developments of bacterial disease being discovered. Looking back at our country’s past, many of the diseases we have now wasn’t thought of back then nor was a threat to people’s lives as big as itRead MoreDisease Trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services1866 Words   |  8 PagesDisease Trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services The health care delivery services have changed dramatically over the years, this service has made some major improvements since it began. Within today’s health care system advancements have been made to prolong life expectancies and a person’s quality of life. As everyone knows the cost of providing health care is expensive and not always easy to accomplish. The cost, accessibility, along with the quality of care is a challenge that theRead MoreDisease Trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services Essay1457 Words   |  6 PagesDisease Trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services Final Project Axia college 1/15/2012 Many health care professional have great concerns about the growth of the aging population, chronic disease and the epidemic of obesity, and how will the United States healthcare system prepared for this continuing epidemic. The fact that the aging population along with obesity epidemic is a global healthcare concern, many health cares’ professional is baffled about how to address the growing epidemicRead MoreDisease Trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services Essay1821 Words   |  8 PagesFinal Project Disease Trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services Ana Vega HCA 240 January 29, 2012 Itta Aswad Disease Trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services It is amazing how much the health care delivery services have changed and improved over the years. Today, the health care systems have advanced by prolonging life expectancy and quality of life. Though, providing health care is not cheap and easy to do. Cost, accessibility, and quality is a challenge that they face inRead MoreDisease Trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services Essay1814 Words   |  8 PagesFinal Project Disease Trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services Melinda Schimmel HCA/240 4/14/2013 Pukar Ratti Aging The aging population is also known as demographic aging and is described as the shift in age distribution. The current population trend in the United Sates is the working age group comprised of people ranging from ages 20-65 years old. Over the next forty years, the population is expected to be made up mostly of the retired age or people over the age of 65 and theRead MoreDemographics And Diseases Trends May Influence The Delivery Of Health Care Services1701 Words   |  7 Pagesessay about, â€Å"Demographics and Diseases Trends likely to influence the Delivery of Health Care Services.† Starting with the age group population in the United States at ten to twenty years, then obesity, and then the future to adapt to the health care services. However, the factors that can identify are the environment support and change of trends. In the passage, the writer will talk about aging obesity, and the future of the health care provided. The common diseases examples that will be listedRead MorePolitical and Economic Trends in Human Service Delivery Essay1335 Words   |  6 Pagesand Economic Trends in Human Service Delivery Economic and political events relate to current trends in the human service field with the intentions of meeting the growing needs of people everywhere. High financing requirements provide clients with services in various areas, which are critical to their well-being. Unfortunately, this task is becoming harder by the day to contend with, and the client suffers when quality care is unavailable. According to â€Å"Human Services in a Time of EconomicRead MoreInpatient Outpatient Hospital Care1106 Words   |  5 PagesHospitalization To Ambulatory Care Services (2010) from the Researchomatic. Retrieved on 09/05 , 2014 noted ambulatory care Sensitive situation are those for which good outpatient care can possibly avert the need for hospitalization, or for which early intervention can avert difficulties or more critical disease Although hospitalization rates are leveraged by socioeconomic components for example scarcity . I will discuss and compares inpatients care and ambulatory care on bases of scope andRead MoreStrategic Marketing Management And Tactics951 Words   |  4 PagesMarketing Management and Tactics in the Services Industry Strategic Healthcare Service’ Management ABSTRACT Healthcare is a service industry and broadly includes hospitals, health technologies and people i.e. skilled doctors and nurses. Healthcare organizations are complex, diverse in nature and need to improve quality while maintaining optimum cost. Patient is the customer hence healthcare service quality is nothing but perceived satisfaction by patient. Prevalent trends in healthcare industry i.e. emergingRead MoreFuture Trends in Health Care1337 Words   |  6 PagesFuture Trends in Health Care HCS/533 November 29, 2010 Future Trends in Health Care Personal face-to-face communication is and will continue to be the foundation of the patient- physician relationship. Electronic communication between caregivers and patient through telephones web-sites and e-mail are forcing medical staff and physicians to rethink the way they provide care to the patients, the accessibility to on-line health and wellness information. Home monitoring systems, personal health

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Bound Man Free Essays

The Bound Man by Ilse Aighinger The thing that I found most compelling in the story ‘‘The Bound Man’’ was that the man was not worried about being released from the rope, rather he wanted to be bound and with that disadvantage he learned to adapt with it and live life as if he wasn’t bound at all. The reason why I find his situation and his own reaction to it so compelling is because while I was reading the story, I was putting myself in his situation and I would not of thought to react in such a way as he. In the beginning, where the man had awoken from his sleep to find that he was bound, he found happiness in that situation. We will write a custom essay sample on Bound Man or any similar topic only for you Order Now Through out the story there were people who were amused by his situation, but also had sympathy in which the bound man was completely against; he took that situation and made it seem like it was not a problem, that perplexed me. – But still I find it all truly compelling. †His arms were tied to each other but not to his body, and had some free play too. This made him smile. † pg. 68-69 Even though his arms were not tied to his body, I felt myself becoming uncomfortable. To wake up bounded, I would see no good in that situation besides still being alive. Not only was he bounded, he was outside and woke up to flies around him which made the situation even worse. I read this story and put myself in his position; I could only contradict all his actions. My perspective comes from me not being an outside person whatsoever. I come from a family that if decided, we even go camping or to a national park, we don’t go in tents we rent out a cabin, lodge or a hotel. I wasn’t raised to be an outside person or to even like animals, so when I think of waking up to flies and being tied up outside I think of myself going crazy, screaming for help. It amazed me however, to see that someone can wake up in the position the bound man was in, without crying out for help. It seems carless to me, carless about life†¦ But also so brave and courageous because through his situation he built strength and adapted to being bound, something I wouldn’t of ever been capable to do. †These antics amused the bound man because he could have freed himself if he had wanted to whenever he liked, but perhaps he wanted to learn a few new jumps first† pg 73. The bound man was amused by the antics the people in the circus tried in order to set him free. There was many cases that the man could of freed himself, but he didn’t. He wanted his body to get used to these ropes and he was going to make the best out of his situation and learn from it. To my surprise, the bound man had ran into a wolf and was able to protect himself, even with being limited to movement. This man was powerful. The fact that he found a way to take action and be positive with being bound and refused to free himself, gained him a lot of power. He was the victim at first because he was robbed and bound, but he became the one in power by overcoming it, and not letting it stop him from anything. In my opinion, the ones who can overcome huge obstacles in life are truly the ones with the most power and strength. When I think of bound ‘‘MAN’’ I think of strong and fearless. Men are believed to have a lot of pride and to not show their weaknesses; they want to be looked at as superior, and in the story I think the bound man was superior. People were interested in him and his life, but didn’t understand his purposed. I tend to appreciate people who are very positive because it changes my perspective on how I live my life. I often feel like I react off of little things, and make small situations bigger then they are. When something goes wrong, I feel like everything is wrong and nothing can be fixed. As an example. Last week my shoulder was dislocated, I felt helpless and I had 2 feet and another arm that could be used. With just my one arm not being able to function like it normally can, I was upset and angry and acted like the whole world was over. I didn’t do anything besides taking pain medication and lay in my room. This story brought about a different perspective on how I reacted to my shoulder. I could of been happy that at least my shoulder was put back in place, and that it was a minor issue and would be back to normal soon. But I am a dramatic person, and I’ve never looked at the good side of things, which is something I wish I did. As a result to the man being bound he became powerful. The condition the bound man was in and the actions he took during, gained him strength. I do believe that there is a consequence to everything you do. Whether it be good or bad, is how you react upon the situation. At the end of the story when the circus proprietor decided that telling the people in the village the bound man had killed a wolf, he though that there would be a good consequence out of doing that; to ‘’revive the triumphs of the summer’’. He was wrong, his actions lead to the bound man having to prove his superior. And because people did not believe in his superior he was forced to prove himself by being in a cage with a wolf. Not only did he kill the wolf, but he was no longer one with his rope. The proprietors wife did not believe in the bound mans power, so she cut him free of his rope while he was in the cage. The consequence of her actions lead to there being no point in killing the wolf, the man was now unbound and he no longer had a purpose. So he shot the wolf instead. Without his bound the man felt weak, and blood rushed to his feet. Her actions not only lead to the death of the wolf, but soon to the death of the man himself. – The way that the bound man saw his situation had a consequence as well. It gained him power, and he learned to do new thing with just a little amount of movement, and with that I felt the story was compelling. Reading this story changed my whole perspective on how I react to certain things. It made me think that it would be so much easier in the long run if you just see the bright side of bad situations†¦ But also, to not have so much pride that you feel you must prove yourself to others, because that itself, can lead to bad consequences. How to cite Bound Man, Essay examples

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International Business Fletcher International Exports

Question: Discuss about theInternational Businessfor Fletcher International Exports. Answer: Introduction In current state of international business, the rise of the ethical business has become much significant. The growth of the business ethics has the steady growth with the rise of the international business. According to Sidani (2015), the emergence of advanced technologies like internet has transformed the international business much viable. The study will focus on the maintenance of the international business ethics in special reference with the case scenario of Fletcher International Exports Pty Ltd. It is a family company that supplies the Halal Slaughtered Sheep and Lamb meant from Australia to North African and Middle East Countries ( 2017). Background of the Company Fletcher International Exports is the family owned company that supplies the Halal Slaughter Meat from Australia to the countries of North Africa and Middle East. The company is located in different locations in Australia, such as Western Australia, New South Wales, Narrikup, and Dubbo. The company has the vast capacity of slaughtering, processing and directly marketing the slaughtered meats over 4 million every year. The company even has the adequate and wide knowledge in regards to the trading and working with both the region and government. The region has even consistently comprised almost 25-33% of the business as far as the revenue is concerned ( 2017). Mission of the Business It has been observed that Australia has the scope to export the beef and Halal Meats to the Middle East and North Africa. However, the restriction from the government is controlling the slaughter system and the exporting process of the slaughtered meats to other countries. However, the exporting business of the slaughtered meats would be beneficial enough in increasing the economic value of the Australian country ( 2017). Moreover, the direct exporting with Middle East and North Africa will also consider a greater scope to grow in this business. Therefore, the company is focusing on minimising the issues related to the trade barriers and the government approvals. The mission of the company is to establish the legalised business by targeting other countries even. The company also aims at promoting the future growth in an efficient way. Managing Country Risks It is to be indicated that the business expansion is justified if the foreign countries have been offering the higher profit. In order to undertake the international business process, some of the major obligations are also much concerned (Tan Ko 2014). The case scenario is also ensuring the recognisable country risks in order to export the Australian Halal slaughtered meat to the Middle East and North African countries. However, as per the case scenario, some of the country risks are identified. These identified risks are discussed further: Australia is a Christian country with a minimal amount of Muslims. Hence, the restrictions come from the government in exporting the Halal Slaughtered beef and lamb to the other countries (Kolk 2016). The Australian farming sector is also facing some of the recognisable risks in technical and trading aspects. The legalised documents are necessary from all embassies in Canberra except Saudi Arabia. It is necessary to pay almost 250% tariffs in Morocco to export beef and sheep meat. In order to export the meat to Turkey, the tariff rate will be 225% (Farouk et al. 2014). The limited expiry on the chilled beef and sheep meat is also restricting the export business for the Australian business. The trouble with the food security is also one of the major concerns. Conclusion Most of the risks that Fletcher International Exporting is facing are concerned with the restriction of the Australian government in exporting the halal slaughtered meats to the different countries. Being a Christian country, Australian government does not permit the Australian firms to deal with the Islamic food cultures. However, apart from such risks, the barriers in the tariff rates and trading aspects are also creating more obligations for the company. However, eliminating these risks would consider fair dealing with the Middle East and North African countries for which Australian firms would be able to avail the opportunities in ensuring the economic growth. References, 2017. Fletcher International WA - Buy West Eat Best. [online] Buy West Eat Best. Available at: [Accessed 25 Apr. 2017]. Enderle, G. 2015. Exploring and conceptualizing international business ethics.Journal of Business Ethics,127(4), 723-735. Farouk, M. M., Al-Mazeedi, H. M., Sabow, A. B., Bekhit, A. E. D., Adeyemi, K. D., Sazili, A. Q., and Ghani, A. 2014. Halal and Kosher slaughter methods and meat quality: A review.Meat Science,98(3), 505-519., 2017. Home - Fletcher International Exports. [online] Available at: [Accessed 25 Apr. 2017]. Kolk, A. 2016. The social responsibility of international business: From ethics and the environment to CSR and sustainable development.Journal of World Business,51(1), 23-34. Patrucco, A. S., Scalera, V. G., and Luzzini, D. 2016, July. Risks and governance modes in offshoring decisions: linking supply chain management and international business perspectives. InSupply Chain Forum: An International Journal(Vol. 17, No. 3, pp. 170-182). Taylor Francis. Sidani, Y. M. 2015. 14. Work ethics in GCC countries: current challenges and the road ahead.Handbook of Research on Islamic Business Ethics, 275. Tan, B., and Ko, S. 2014. An evolutionary logic towards the convergence of international business ethics.Society and Economy,36(4), 493-510

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Timothy Ojiribe Essays (197 words) - Eastern Shore Of Maryland

Timothy Ojiribe 09/16/08 Freshman Exp. Founder's Day Convocation Today was a day of rejoicing and of happiness because it was the 122nd birthday and Founder's day Convocation of University of Maryland Eastern Shore. It was a commencement that showed who's who within the UMES world and their accomplishments. It gave an appearance of intelligence and years of hard work. Through the Convocation, they had many speakers who told a little about themselves and gave positive motivation to us, the students. It started off with Dr. Charles Williams, Vice President for Academic Affairs, who took the place of Dr. Thelma Thompson, our presiding President. He Introduced all of UMES' alumni and Speakers along with listening to UMES' Wind Ensemble. He also interested us with Some statistics that enlightened us about how and where UMES' funding comes from. Among the speakers who talked where Mr. Frank White, Mr. Jay Parker, who gave a saying from the illustrious author, Dr. Suess, and many more. Mrs. Dianna Rogers-Ford talked about how she came up from people feeling she was special case to her coming up as the person she is today. These speakers were giving a first hand look at the rags-to-riches theory and how any body can accomplish anything along with the full welcoming of UMES' Convocation.